Week 1, day 3

Didn’t think it was possible, but it felt even harder today to do the sit ups than last time. The pattern to do today was 17-22-14-14-max. I managed to¬† do it all, the max being 10s-10l-10r-30s bringing the total to 60.

I don’t think I’ll report this each day anymore. I suppose it is a boring read. Perhaps once a week is more appropriate.

Week 1, day 2

Just a short update. I motivated myself to do day 2 of the 200 sit up challenge. The series to do was 15-18-15-15-max. Today, the max was 20s-5l-5r-20s. Felt worse today than last time.

Week 1, day 1

I did not have time to do the sit ups on Monday, so instead I did them tonight. The repetitions instructed by the program were 15-18-10-10-max with 60 seconds of rest between. After the first 15, it felt pretty bad, but during the 60-second rest, my muscles recovered from the shock of actually having to do something, so the next repetitions went like a breeze. For the last repetition, I varied the straight crunches with sit ups to the side (right elbow touching left knee while left elbow was on the ground). So: 10s – 5r – 5l – 5s – 5r – 5l – 5g – 10s – pain, bringing it to a set of 50 repetitions. Explanation: s = straight/normal crunch, r = right side sit up, l = left side sit up, g = leg lift from ground.

Now it’s time to go to bed and rest, on Thursday it’s time for day 2: 15 – 18 – 15 – 15 – max

Walking and Sit ups

On Saturday we went for a walk. “We” being myself, my “cohabitant”, our son and our dog (German Shepherd). Ended up being a 22 km walk along the Rantamaraton half-marathon route (pdf). Felt quite good even though I had a half-marathon behind me a week ago. We took it quite easy though, stopped for a cup of coffee after a while, and simply took it easy and more as a “walking picnic” than exercise. Entire trip, including coffee breaks and going to a small grocery store to buy water, took about 6.5 hours. We also took some photos to try out making HDR photos. If I get any good ones, I might post one later. The dog was quite tired when we came home, but was still up for a short evening run (about 1 km) later on.

I also took the initial test for the 200 sit ups challenge. I managed 46 crunches, which places me in the average group for people under 30 years of age. The program suggests that I should start on week three, but I think I’ll try week one, column three to see how it feels. This means that tomorrow, Monday, I’ll do 15-18-10-10-max sit ups.

We went looking for running shoes today. I had looked at Asics Gel Cumulus 10, and when first trying them on, they felt great. But after a few steps, I noticed that they are a bit too narrow in the big-toe region for my foot. Afterwards I tested the Brooks Glycerin 7 (I have Glycerin 5 currently), and it felt comfortable and familiar. However, I wonder if I would be needing a shoe with slight pronation support. The Glycerin is a neutral shoe, and I have a slight feeling that I’m perhaps stepping a bit too much on the inside of my foot. On the other hand, I’ve used these shoes for about a year, running two half-marathons, and quite a lot of long walks, without feeling any notable pain that I could attribute to inappropriate shoes. I probably should be going to some store that offers analysis of my footing.

Two hundred sit ups challenge

I stumbled across the two hundred sit ups challenge page tonight. I know that at the company where I work, a few people have tried the one hundred push ups challenge. I tried the initial test for the push ups, but came to the conclusion that my shoulder is still not up for that kind of exercise. So that’s why I thought about testing the sit up challenge. Only time will tell if I have the motivation to fulfil the entire program, but I will try at least. Anyone else up for trying to achieve a six-pack for the summer?