Finished thesis

I actually finished my thesis in November 2009, but haven’t just put it up anywhere for others to read. Reading it now, over a year later with some more experience, there are a few things that I might do different, but on the whole, I’m still quite satisfied with the end result.

Please, if you’re interested, read it and if you have any comments, please share them here.

The PDF is downloadable fromĀ



I have my summer vacation the entire month of July. It’s nice having some time off from work, spending time with my son. The work on my thesis has been down for a couple of weeks, but today I opened up the stuff again to see where I left off. I’m feeling confident that I will get some loose ends wrapped up soon.

Update to thesis

I finally got something written on my thesis. I have had writer’s block for over two weeks, but today I actually managed to fill out quite a few empty sections. Just sent the newest version to the professor. We will have a meeting on Wednesday just to check out a few things. Soon all that is left on my thesis is the actual research. All the theory and plans are written.

Plans for this blog

I have a small blog on the intranet of the company where I work. There I have written posts about things I’ve come across during my workday. Mostly gotchas, and tips and tricks for .NET, SharePoint, BizTalk… My plan is to copy the most interesting posts to this blog for the world to see. I don’t have a schedule set for this though.

I think I’ll also write notes about the progress of my Master’s thesis here, together with findings and questions and frustration and so on. The topic for my thesis is: Applying Traditional Architectural Patterns to Windows Presentation Foundation: An Architectural Review.