Rantamaraton 2009

On Sunday 2009-09-20 it was time for my third half-marathon. It was the second Rantamaraton for me. About half of the route follows the sealine from Matinkylä to Otaniemi, the rest is cycling paths varied with forest paths.

I finally managed to reach my target of 2:20, I finished in 2:19:58 🙂 I had my pulse monitor all the way, but the last few kilometers I stopped worrying about my pulse and started to worry about my target time instead. The last 100 meters I had to run as fast as I could, but I made it 🙂 Last year my time was 2:33:27, so compared to that, I made a huge improvement. Next target to reach is 2 hours…

20.09.2009 also marks the day of our marriage 🙂 Even though the papers officially say 23.09.2009, we will always celebrate 20.09.2009 as our real wedding day. It was impossible (unless we wanted to travel to Lohja) to get a registrar on our chosen date. Instead we had a small ceremony the following Wednesday, just me, my wife, and our son at the register office.


Walking and Sit ups

On Saturday we went for a walk. “We” being myself, my “cohabitant”, our son and our dog (German Shepherd). Ended up being a 22 km walk along the Rantamaraton half-marathon route (pdf). Felt quite good even though I had a half-marathon behind me a week ago. We took it quite easy though, stopped for a cup of coffee after a while, and simply took it easy and more as a “walking picnic” than exercise. Entire trip, including coffee breaks and going to a small grocery store to buy water, took about 6.5 hours. We also took some photos to try out making HDR photos. If I get any good ones, I might post one later. The dog was quite tired when we came home, but was still up for a short evening run (about 1 km) later on.

I also took the initial test for the 200 sit ups challenge. I managed 46 crunches, which places me in the average group for people under 30 years of age. The program suggests that I should start on week three, but I think I’ll try week one, column three to see how it feels. This means that tomorrow, Monday, I’ll do 15-18-10-10-max sit ups.

We went looking for running shoes today. I had looked at Asics Gel Cumulus 10, and when first trying them on, they felt great. But after a few steps, I noticed that they are a bit too narrow in the big-toe region for my foot. Afterwards I tested the Brooks Glycerin 7 (I have Glycerin 5 currently), and it felt comfortable and familiar. However, I wonder if I would be needing a shoe with slight pronation support. The Glycerin is a neutral shoe, and I have a slight feeling that I’m perhaps stepping a bit too much on the inside of my foot. On the other hand, I’ve used these shoes for about a year, running two half-marathons, and quite a lot of long walks, without feeling any notable pain that I could attribute to inappropriate shoes. I probably should be going to some store that offers analysis of my footing.