Old Elisa Viihde API is retired

Due to required changes for GDPR, the old Elisa Viihde API that ViihdeHelper has been using is no longer operational. This means that ViihdeHelper is currently not working.

I am communicating with Elisa, and experimenting with the new API currently, but I don’t have a new version of the extension yet at this moment. I expect to have more information in the coming days.


Blog layout and themes

I’m currently trying to find a better theme for this blog, so if thinks look different every time you visit, it’s just me playing around, that’s all 🙂

Pebble Smartwatch

I got a Pebble smart watch for Christmas, and been meaning to blog a bit about it. However, it has been working flawlessly, so there hasn’t been any problems to blog about 🙂

If you haven’t heard about the Pebble before, it is an inexpensive smart watch, supporting both iOS and Android, having an e-ink display and will last up to seven days on a single charge.

The Pebble will show you SMSs, Tweets, Skype messages… In short, any notification from your phone. It also integrates with other apps on you phone, like for instance, RunKeeper, showing duration, distance and speed/pace during the exercise. The best part is that you can see on your watch who’s calling, and answer or decline the call via the watch.

I haven’t yet tried programming for the Pebble, but there is an online IDE, a downloadable SDK, and good documentation available. The primary programming language is C, but there’s also a framework called PebbleJS, enabling you to write watchapps in Javascript.

In short, I’m really satisfied with my Pebble 🙂

Old post

I just found the place where you can change the password for the WordPress iPhone client, so here comes a post that was supposed to be published over a month ago.

Yes, I’m still here beneath all the snow. I can’t believe it’s christmas again already.

Perhaps I should use this blog as a diary. Nowadays it seems that I run around like headless chicken all the time and actually forget to stop and think for a while. Writing down the events of the day could be a good method to actually get some perspective on what actually happens, and perhaps also a way to see where the time flies.

Lately, a lot of my free time has been spent rereading the Wheel of Time books. I think I read the first one in Swedish about 15 years ago, so now when the opportunity came to read them as ebooks in English, I started from the beginning again. Just finished The Gathering Storm, the first one released after the death of Robert Jordan, the original author. There are two books remaining in the series, really looking forward to reading them.

WordPress for iPhone

Hello followers! Long time no write. I’ve been busy with life and stuff. I’ve been noticing that I actually have a lot to say, and that I really should write things down. Just feels like if I don’t write it down immediately it will stay unwritten.
Trying out the WordPress app for iPhone now to see if I can use it on the fly. Looks good so far, but how do I access the drafts on the server?

Making your blog suck less

I watched one of Scott Hanselman‘s presentations from the Norwegian Developer Conference 2009 (NDC09) a couple of days ago. The title of the presentation was “Making your blog suck less”. He put forward quite a few interesting points. One in particular that I should take note of, is to not write blog posts that are too short. I feel I’m guilty of doing that. Anyhow, it’s worth checking out: http://media01.smartcom.no/microsite/asx.aspx?eventid=4465