ViihdeHelper animated instructions

On tullut aika monta kyselyä miten tehdään asetukset, ja miten käytetään koko laajennus, niin ajattelin että teen tähän postiin pieni ohje miten tehdään alusta asti.



To verify if the extension is installed, and how to set options:


To download a single recording (note, I’ve cut out some of the page):


And finally, to download several:



ViihdeHelper Beta Channel Available

Since the number of users of the ViihdeHelper extension has increased quite a lot, I decided to create a beta channel for new features of the extension. This way, if there are bugs discovered during beta, it will only affect the beta testers, and not everyone that is using the previous stable version of the extension.

The beta version of the extension is not listed in the Chrome Web Store, but by going to you will be taken to the web store page where you can add the beta extension.

Note, that if you don’t disable the “normal” version of the extension, you will get double the icons. Also, the beta channel is only meant for “advanced” users that want to preview and test out new (possibly broken) features before they are released to the public.

With that out of the way, a new version is now deployed to the beta channel. The version number is 4.4.5 and includes the following features and fixes:

  • Fixed bug where the encoding UI was visible as default.
  • Support for including the channel in the filename of the downloaded recording. The channel name will be added to the front of the file name if the setting is selected in the options dialog. The default value is false.
  • Automatic stripping of @ and . and limiting to 17 characters for usernames. This means that if your username is an email address, you should be able to set it normally in the options dialog.

If you decide to test it out, please let me know in the comments on this post if it works as it should, of if you discover bugs.

ViihdeHelper 4.4.4 published

A small update to the Chrome extension was published today. This only affects the encoding command generation. It has a better layout with some additional help texts about the different settings. Furthermore, the subtitle handling is a bit better with support for simultaneous de-interlacing and overlaying subtitles. Also, the possibility to include DVD encoded subtitles (separate subtitle stream in the file making it possible to turn on or off subtitles) is supported.


The updated should be automatically applied, but you can verify in the extensions list that version 4.4.4 is listed.

ViihdeHelper 4.4.3 published

A small update to the Chrome extension was published today. This version adds the option to disable the downloading of the text file with the program information. The setting can be accessed in the options view, the same view where the file name format of the downloaded recording and your username and password are defined.


The updated should be automatically applied, but you can verify in the extensions list that version 4.4.3 is listed.

ViihdeHelper 4.4.1 published on the Chrome Web Store

I finally got around to paying the extension developer fee, and become a “real” extension developer. This means that for the new versions of ViihdeHelper, you no longer need to mess around with the “Developer mode” and unzipping files etc. You just have search for ViihdeHelper on the Chrome Web Store, and add it to Chrome from there! Alternatively use this link:


The other information on my Elisa Viihde page about the extension still holds (configuring via Options link, VLCLauncher for open in VLC functionality etc).


ViihdeHelper 4.3 released

A new version of the ViihdeHelper Chrome extension has been released today. As always, the latest version is downloadable from my Elisa Viihde page. This version mostly includes features suggested by users.

Download selected

This feature allows you to easily start the download of many recordings at the same time. I have not tested if there is a limit to the number of concurrent downloads though.


Download file name format change

The previous version included the date and time when the recording was made. The format of the date unfortunately did not support sorting on date. To remedy this, the date-part of the downloaded recording is now in this format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm. Furthermore, you can in the “Options” of the extension decide whether you want the title first or the time first.


Encoding functionality changes

A few suggestions of tweaks to the generated ffmpeg command string have been implemented. A new setting for deinterlacing, and audio is set to be re-encoded as AAC as default. With a CRF of 22, medium preset setting, and deinterlacing on, a 240MB file ended up as 82MB.