Elisa Viihde + GDPR

As I mentioned in my last update, I was waiting for the GDPR documentation and agreement before releasing the updated version of ViihdeHelper.

Well, the agreement arrived, and as you might have read on Elisa’s Palsta (page 6, and also some comments on page 5), the agreement is quite full of legalese, and also contains parts that I don’t feel comfortable agreeing to as a private person (not having a business/company backing me).

I have asked Elisa for their comments, citing parts of the discussion on Palsta, and also voicing my own concerns.

I feel really bad for you end-users here that want a working ViihdeHelper, which I have sunk hours into making, but can’t legally release. However, at the end of the it is my ass that is financially and legally on the line. I sincerely hope that Elisa will revise their agreement to a more “humane” one, and not business to business.

I really recommend you to take a look at the discussion on Elisa’s Palsta that I linked above.

Thank you for still showing an interest in ViihdeHelper.


Additional update about Elisa Viihde

The implementation of the extension is done. Nobody but me has tested it, but I was able to use the Open in VLC… functionality, download the recording, and get direct input to ffmpeg for encoding.

I will probably release the updated version first on the beta channel, just to get some response on how it works, if it works, etc, and after a few days on the primary channel.

What I am now waiting for is some information from Elisa regarding this: “Ennen kuin julkaiset uuden rajapinnan, niin pyydämme vielä sinulta erikseen kuittausta, että sovellus itsessään on GDPR:n mukainen. Lähetän tähän liittyen vielä erikseen liitteen luettavaksesi.”

I sent a reminder on Sunday afternoon asking about it, but haven’t heard anything yet.

I just thought I’d let you know what the situation is.

Update to the Elisa Viihde situation

I have received preliminary documentation about the new API, with information about authentication, how to get the stream URLs along with recording information (series, season number, episode number, genre, etc.). Unfortunately, the API did not include the possibility to access the .ts (mpeg) stream, but only the adaptive stream.

I asked if it would be a possibility to request the .ts-stream too, and actually got an indication from Elisa that it would not be entirely impossible.

A couple of days ago, I received the information about a preview (i.e. not production ready yet), of an API endpoint that retrieves the mpeg stream. I tried it with Postman (excellent app btw), and it WORKED! I was able to open the recording in VLC as in the old version, I was able to select subtitles, etc. That is a really positive thing, so it’s not looking as gloomy as it did last week.

So, the status as of today is:

  • I am working on implementing support in the extension for the new authentication scheme towards the new API
  • Waiting for Elisa to finish up the mpeg-API to production level quality


Old Elisa Viihde API is retired

Due to required changes for GDPR, the old Elisa Viihde API that ViihdeHelper has been using is no longer operational. This means that ViihdeHelper is currently not working.

I am communicating with Elisa, and experimenting with the new API currently, but I don’t have a new version of the extension yet at this moment. I expect to have more information in the coming days.

ViihdeHelper Beta Channel Available

Since the number of users of the ViihdeHelper extension has increased quite a lot, I decided to create a beta channel for new features of the extension. This way, if there are bugs discovered during beta, it will only affect the beta testers, and not everyone that is using the previous stable version of the extension.

The beta version of the extension is not listed in the Chrome Web Store, but by going to http://bit.ly/ViihdeHelperBeta you will be taken to the web store page where you can add the beta extension.

Note, that if you don’t disable the “normal” version of the extension, you will get double the icons. Also, the beta channel is only meant for “advanced” users that want to preview and test out new (possibly broken) features before they are released to the public.

With that out of the way, a new version is now deployed to the beta channel. The version number is 4.4.5 and includes the following features and fixes:

  • Fixed bug where the encoding UI was visible as default.
  • Support for including the channel in the filename of the downloaded recording. The channel name will be added to the front of the file name if the setting is selected in the options dialog. The default value is false.
  • Automatic stripping of @ and . and limiting to 17 characters for usernames. This means that if your username is an email address, you should be able to set it normally in the options dialog.

If you decide to test it out, please let me know in the comments on this post if it works as it should, of if you discover bugs.

ViihdeHelper 4.4.4 published

A small update to the Chrome extension was published today. This only affects the encoding command generation. It has a better layout with some additional help texts about the different settings. Furthermore, the subtitle handling is a bit better with support for simultaneous de-interlacing and overlaying subtitles. Also, the possibility to include DVD encoded subtitles (separate subtitle stream in the file making it possible to turn on or off subtitles) is supported.


The updated should be automatically applied, but you can verify in the extensions list that version 4.4.4 is listed.