ViihdeHelper 4.4.3 published

A small update to the Chrome extension was published today. This version adds the option to disable the downloading of the text file with the program information. The setting can be accessed in the options view, the same view where the file name format of the downloaded recording and your username and password are defined.


The updated should be automatically applied, but you can verify in the extensions list that version 4.4.3 is listed.

6 thoughts on “ViihdeHelper 4.4.3 published

  1. MarkoB June 26, 2017 / 22:50

    Enabling subtitles for ffmpeg command line creates conflict with used ffmpeg parameters. “Filtergraph ‘yadif=0’ was specified through the -vf/-af/-filter option for output stream 0:0, which is fed from a complex filtergraph. -vf/-af/-filter and -filter_complex cannot be used together for the same stream.
    “. Command line created by ViihdeHelper was ffmpeg -i “” -filter_complex “[0:0][0:2]overlay” -c:v libx264 -preset medium -crf 20 -c:a aac -sn -vf yadif=0 “testfile.mkv”
    ffmpeg string was created in Chrome/Windows10. Version of ffmpeg used is 3.3.1 in Ubuntu 14.04.

    • Andreas Finne July 6, 2017 / 10:15

      Nice find. It appears that overlaying subtitles at the same time as deinterlacing is not possible. I’ll make that combination of settings invalid in the UI. I will not prioritise this feature though, since there is a workaround (don’t use both simultaneously).

      • MarkoB July 6, 2017 / 10:57

        Ah, I didn’t realize that -vf yadif=0 switch was controlled by Deinterlace setting since it was enabled by default. Thanks for the clarification and also thanks for the good work with Viihdehelper!

    • Andreas Finne July 7, 2017 / 15:43

      The newest published version (published “now”, version 4.4.4) contains a fix for this, making it possible to use deinterlacing and burning in subtitles. Also includes options for encoding subtitles as DVD subtitles, which means that the subtitles can be turned on or off in the video player.

  2. Makke July 4, 2017 / 18:08

    In Chrome, with the setting “Ask where each file is saved before downloading” active, ViihdeHelper will use the default download location as the default location for *each file* (in the location prompt), and not the last used location (as is the default way Chrome works).

    • Andreas Finne July 6, 2017 / 10:26

      This was interesting.

      I tested this behaviour myself, and can confirm that, yes, you are correct.

      I noticed however (while simulating in a slowed-down VM) that when manually downloading a file, it first opens the default download folder, and then quickly switches to the previously chosen location. It seems that this functionality is a separate feature of the browser which unfortunately is not available for extensions to use.

      All in the name of security.

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