ViihdeVLCLauncher for Linux

I tried to whip up a VLC Launcher for Linux too. This is tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and seems to work great.

What you need is to have VLC and Chromium installed. After that you install the extension to Chromium as outlined in the instructions on the Elisa Viihde page. The final step is to install the launcher. You download the ViihdeVLCLauncher_linux.tar.gz file from my Viihde page, extract it by doing tar xvzf ViihdeVLCLauncher_linux.tar.gz in the terminal, and then run the script.

The script adds a handler for viihde-links, and copies a small script into /usr/local/bin that launches VLC with the appropriate recording. Please test it out if you’re running a version of Linux, and let me know how it works out for you. If it doesn’t work, you probably have enough skilz to modify the scripts and see if you can get it to work yourself 😉

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