Updated Chrome plugin for Elisa Viihde

Update 2015-09-19. The number of posts I have done on the subject of Elisa Viihde, Chrome, and VLC has grown, and it was becoming a hassle to update the old posts to link to the newest information, so I decided to create a separate page that will always hold the newest version of my extension and up-to-date installation instructions.

Update 2015-05-28. The Elisa Viihde pages are updated, so the extension linked on this page will not work. The post about the new version of the extension can be found here.

I recently saw a post on the Elisa Palsta, that a desired feature for my plugin would be that the recording would be marked as watched whenever it is opened from the “Open in VLC…” link.

Without further ado, There’s now a new version of the plugin that does just that. As an additional bonus, it shows the thumbnail of the recording instead of the “Please install VLC plugin…” on the page.

Download the plugin here. Update 2015-05-28. The newer extension can be found here.
The installation instructions are like in the old version. Unzip the file, go to Chrome extensions, make sure that the Developer mode box is checked, and choose load unpacked extension. Detailed instructions in the old post here.

Make sure that you remove (or disable) the old version of the plugin from the extensions list, otherwise you will end up with duplicate links on your page.


Note that you do not have to update the ViihdeVLCLauncher.

This is what it looks like with the new version:


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