Elisa Viihde helper extension for Safari

Update 2015-09-20: Apple has changed their development license, so you are not allowed to freely create Safari extensions. I will not be updating this extension any more, since I am not enrolled in the Apple Developer Program (which costs $99 per year). The newest Chrome version can always be found at my Elisa Viihde page.

Update 2015-05-28: Since I made this extension, the Elisa Viihde pages have been updated, so this extension does not work anymore. If I get any requests to update it, I might just do that. The Chrome extension is updated to support the new pages.

I decided to try to make an extension for Safari too, with the same functionality as my ViihdeHelper extension for Chrome (http://bit.ly/ISNizh).

This is how you install the extension:

Download the extension from unavailable. After downloading, double click on the downloaded file (ViihdeHelper.safariextz), and it will ask you whether you want to install it or not:


After clicking install, you can verify in the preferences view that the installation was successful.


Now, when you log in to Elisa Viihde, and go to the page of a recording, you should see two new links below the title of the recording:resultDownload needs no explanation, but for the “Open in VLC…” functionality to work, you need to install the ViihdeVLCLauncher described in my post about the Chrome extension (http://bit.ly/ISNizh). Please follow the instructions there for that.

That’s it, and as usual:

Please try it out and let me now how it works out for you. It works for me, but I give no guarantees that it will work for you, and I don’t take any responsibility for any damage that may occur while trying it out.


One thought on “Elisa Viihde helper extension for Safari

  1. Eddie January 18, 2015 / 17:38

    You could write some reviews on technical things you’ve tried out. For example your brand new Pebble or the latest trip to Malmö. Would be nice to know what you’ve learned during those trips or what you can do with different IT items 😀

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