New version ( of ViihdeHelper released

A new update to ViihdeHelper was just published. The version number is This version should fix the problems with Chrome 73. Please let me know how it works out, I wanted to release it as quickly as possible, meaning that I have not been able to test an expired refresh token for instance (since it has a lifetime of 36 hours).

If you feel that ViihdeHelper is useful, you are more than welcome to make a small donation via Paypal at 🙂

Chrome v73 breaks ViihdeHelper

Just a short notice: The latest version of Chrome 73 has changes that break the current version of ViihdeHelper. I will work on getting a new version out as soon as possible.

The specific change that broke ViihdeHelper is this:

Since the authorization API lives on another server than the recordings (and the actual Viihde page), it counts as a cross-origin request.

ViihdeHelper version published

A new update to ViihdeHelper was just published. The version number is This version uses another unofficial API to get the recording URL. This API does not suffer from the same “Access denied” problem as the previous official API.

If you feel that ViihdeHelper is useful, you are more than welcome to make a small donation via Paypal at 🙂

API Server problems

There seems to be some issue with Elisa’s API server currently. Every request gets an error 500 Internal Server Error response. I’ll update with more information here as soon as I hear anything.

Edit: The error message ViihdeHelper will display is “Error retrieving access code”.

Edit 09:00: I don’t know if this is related, but there seems to be other problems with Elisa Viihde too:

Edit 21:00: The API server is working as it should now, but the one serving out the recording stream is still not working properly. You will notice this by getting an “access denied” when trying to watch or download a recording. The latest word from Elisa is that they are aware of the problem, but they did not get it working today (Wednesday), the fixing will continue tomorrow.

Edit 2018-09-28 13:40 Still not working, discussion about the issue can be found here:

Edit 2018-10-14 Still not working. Qotscha found an alternative API that seems to be working. Version utilises that API.

ViihdeHelper published

Yes! That is correct!

Version of the extension is now published to the Chrome Web Store. This version should have the same functionality as the previous version, but uses the new API.

This version does not need you to enter your username and password in the options. Instead it keeps an authenticated session key, and will only ask you to login the first time you use the extension, and whenever the previous session has expired.

Since the API has changed, the permissions needed by the extension has changed, so previous users of the extension may have to re-enable the extension to approve of the new permissions.


Head over to my Elisa Viihde page for instructions, version history, donation link, Finnish summary, etc. Note that some screenshots are outdated and still show the previous version with username and password in the options.

I hope that you will find the extension useful.

Elisa Viihde + GDPR

As I mentioned in my last update, I was waiting for the GDPR documentation and agreement before releasing the updated version of ViihdeHelper.

Well, the agreement arrived, and as you might have read on Elisa’s Palsta (page 6, and also some comments on page 5), the agreement is quite full of legalese, and also contains parts that I don’t feel comfortable agreeing to as a private person (not having a business/company backing me).

I have asked Elisa for their comments, citing parts of the discussion on Palsta, and also voicing my own concerns.

I feel really bad for you end-users here that want a working ViihdeHelper, which I have sunk hours into making, but can’t legally release. However, at the end of the it is my ass that is financially and legally on the line. I sincerely hope that Elisa will revise their agreement to a more “humane” one, and not business to business.

I really recommend you to take a look at the discussion on Elisa’s Palsta that I linked above.

Thank you for still showing an interest in ViihdeHelper.

Additional update about Elisa Viihde

The implementation of the extension is done. Nobody but me has tested it, but I was able to use the Open in VLC… functionality, download the recording, and get direct input to ffmpeg for encoding.

I will probably release the updated version first on the beta channel, just to get some response on how it works, if it works, etc, and after a few days on the primary channel.

What I am now waiting for is some information from Elisa regarding this: “Ennen kuin julkaiset uuden rajapinnan, niin pyydämme vielä sinulta erikseen kuittausta, että sovellus itsessään on GDPR:n mukainen. Lähetän tähän liittyen vielä erikseen liitteen luettavaksesi.”

I sent a reminder on Sunday afternoon asking about it, but haven’t heard anything yet.

I just thought I’d let you know what the situation is.